Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/2014 Email

Well this week was definately a different one, but none the less an amazing one! I cant Believe that a year has gone by! It went by so fast! I cant believe how much i have experienced and learned and for all the amazing people i have met. I will forever be greatfull for this oportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and the people of Peru! We spent a lot of time doing service and helping plan and do activites with our zone and with the ward but everything turned out perfect and we still had time to have some amazing spiritual experiences. Side note me and Hna Bazan decided were going to be event planners together one day (: haha We had a farewell for our zone leader who goes home next monday which was super fun! and we had a karaoke night with our ward which turned out super fun too! it was a good week! Me and my companion have had a rough time because we both feel like ill be leaving this transfer and it makes us both so sad! i cant tell you how many times we cried this past week just thinking about it.. this part of the mission is so hard. i hate it. But i know that ill learn something from each companion and from each area(: Two of our converts are pregnant which is really fun because i imagine that the cute belly im touching is my aunts or sisters. haha  We are still working with a couple of investigators who have had baptismal dates but fell through.. but were not giving up on them yet! We also met a couple really good people that were excited to work with! I felt really humbled this week and realized how much i have to work on here and in general.. I thought and studied a lot about service.. and how there is nothing better we can do than to serve others.. and nothing that will make us feel better. Im sorry i dont have a ton of time to write all of the experiences im having but i wanted to remind all of you about conference this week!! 

How cool is it that we have an actual prophet that we get to listen to and that we also have the 12 apostles to lead and guide us. I know that they truly recieve revelation for us and that there is nothing more important that we could be doing this weekend than listening to them! Sit down and take notes(; then you can all share with me what you learned!! The church is true! I know it! THANK YOU for all of your love and support and for your prayers. (: 

Have an amazing week and prepare yourselves for an amazing General Conference!!! (: ill be watching it from down here in peru! 

Besos y Abrasos!

Hermana Weller (:

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