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10/28/13 Email

From: Camille Weller []
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2013 11:06 AM
To: Melissa Wheatley


holaaaaa familia!!!! how is everyone?? i hope that everyone has a super fun halloween!! i better get tons of pictures of costumes!!! They do celebrate halloween here and we are having a party on thursday with our ward so ill be sure to take pictures too!! Wow 7 months have now come and gone! Where does the time go?? This past week was amazing!! I felt such a change in my attitude for the work and i am so much happier! I decided one day that this is not my time, that all i have to give i need to give to this work and to my heavenly father. Me and my companion are working so well together! i love her!  at first we had a hard time getting used to eachother again but after a long girl talk we worked everything out and she is seriously my best friend!! Which is good because i cant get rid of her(; We have been working hard and have Marvin who is a friend of a member who called us to teach him, he was a former investigator that never showed up to our apts but now calls us to meet with him! Hes awesome and were hoping he will be baptized this next week!! (: Hna raquel, who was baptized a couple weeks ago is simply amazing!! She has been studying like no other and told us she wants to serve a mission!!! Then we have Ciro and Maria..(: Ciro is now passing the sacrament and has a calling and this week is going to Lima to go to the temple with all the other young men!!!!! Wow what an amazing kid!! Now for the big news.... His mom maria has been coming to church with him every week for the past 6 or so weeks but cant be baptized because shes not married and her husband lives in cuzco,, they have been talking about getting married and she told us the only reason they wouldnt is because of money. So we talked in ward counsel and everyone is so excited and wants to help! So looks like i might be planning and doing a wedding in the next couple weeks!! Her "husband" will be coming this weekend to bring all the papers they need and we will go from there!!!! We are all so excited for them!! They are like family to us and i know how much she wants to be baptized and how much this will mean to her!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE (: 

Everything here in moquegua is awesome. We have a new zone leader Elder De la cruz, and he is so funny, so put him with Elder astle, our greengo zone leader who is soo smart and funny (plus hes from logan) and they make quite the pair!! We had more than 15 baptisms in our zone in october so we get to eat pizza as a zone!! Were all stoked about that!!

I learned so much this past week but mostly i thought about how most of the time as missionaries we focus on the restauration or joseph smith and dont focus enough on the most important thing.. which is our savior Jesus Christ! I focused my teachings more on Him and our Heavenly Father and felt a diference in the spirit that was there. 

I know that our savior lives. That he loves each and every one of us and is always here to help us. He loves each one of you and is always waiting to forgive us and to help us overcome our weaknesses. in a talk called foreword by neal a maxwell it talks about how we didnt come here to add on perfection but to strip away blindness and curruption to discover what we really are! i love this and thought alot about how we should face our weaknesses head on and take care of them! Heavenly father will help us if we turn to him and with his help we can eventually become perfect(:

i love you all so much!!" thank you for your letters and words of encouragement and your prayers!!! 



Hermana Weller

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